The Bad Share Broker: New! Quindell - Technical Analysis / Quant Update

Sat 17 January 2015

Though I know don't use these averages, the 10 and 50 SMAs are preparing to cross in a bullish design and as long as no important downhill pricing stress is observed, technical examination may proceed to get more bullish on Quindell so long as prices stay above the fifty SMA of 67.95p over the arriving day or two and months. Best wishes, 19/01/2015 Day, Again, it's moment for another short look at Quindell, utilizing both my own personal home-made quantitative trading method. Some (although somewhat previous) information on my quantitative trading system are available below: depending on usual, this is excluding intra-daily info from today (09/01/2015). High Signals: 3 SMA= 3 Time Simple Moving Average 3 SMA (68.33p) stays above 5 SMA (61.10p) 5 SMA (61.10p) stays above 8 SMA (53.28p) 8 SMA (53.28p) remains above 13 SMA (48.76p) 13 SMA (48.76p) remains above 21 SMA (44.28p) Fresh Indication: 8 SMA crossed above 34 SMA - This is a good signal to appear, because it recommends this move towards the benefit is more than only a short-term upward retrace inside a bearish downhill routine. - This also shows that there is a considerable quantity of bullish momentum and this was established intra-daily this day for me personally from the retrace to 77p that has been then crammed into a move back towards 1.54% up-on the day (when I publish this). - The next weight level to break is then and at around 87p at 91.5p too, but once it's busted there's the prospect of an incredibly resistance-free ride up towards the degree that is 150p. Bearish Sign: The only for more information bearish signal that the system is providing is just a substantial slow stochastic amount, recommending a specific level of over-purchase in this inventory. I ought to express nonetheless that the system (obviously) is constructed to really make the most income as you can along with the signal strength furnished to the bearish sign is just about 1.41 vs the signal-strength of 18.72 for that action of the 8 SMA through the 34 SMA. For wording, the system would have returned (at the time of today) 51.3% merely exchanging Quindell stocks long during the last year, when ever since then the value of Quindell stocks has slipped (at the time of today) by 82.1%.


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