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Sun 01 March 2015

No representation is being made that any consideration will or probably will accomplish earnings or losses much like these reviewed with this web site. The past effectiveness of any process or technique is not always indicative of results that are potential. CFTC - THEORETICAL OR SIMULATED PERFORMANCE CERTAIN LIMITATIONS. UNLIKE A REAL PERFORMANCE REPORT, SIMULATED DO NOT REPRESENT ACTUAL TRADING. ALSO, BECAUSE THE TRADES HAVEN'T BEEN ACCOMPLISHED, THE OUTCOME MAY UNDER -OR-OVER COMPENSATED FOR THE EFFECT OF CERTAIN ASPECTS, SUCH AS FOR EXAMPLE LACK OF LIQUIDITY. SIMULATED TRADING PROGRAMS IN GENERAL ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THE FACT THAT THEY'RE DESIGNED USING HINDSIGHT'S BENEFIT. NO REPRESENTATION WILL BE MADE ANY ACCOUNT OR PROBABLY WILL ACHIEVE OR SIMILAR TO THOSE SHOWN. All trades, maps, habits etc., outlined within the this demonstration -trading- or the item resources are for purposes rather than to be construed as tips that were advisory that were specific.

Buttonwood: False hope|The Economist

afterall, there will be only a one-in-a-thousand opportunity the outcome is right down to luck. Alas, this is a wellknown scam. The advocate sends 100 e-mails out, picking a share randomly. The recipients are told that the share may increase; half that it will slip. After the first week, the fifty,000 who obtained the productive endorsement will get a second e mail; the ones that acquired the wrong info will undoubtedly be dropped in the record. And so forth for ten months. By the end of the period, simply by averages' law, there should be prepared to give their savings and 98 punters convinced of the supervisors pro. Within this area Economical markets it is a common instance of the misuse of research, As Being A paper released this past year within the Record of Portfolio Administration contended. Perform enough checks on the couple of datarun through fifty per cent of a thousand genetic sequences to find a link with an infection, for exampleand you will see many sequences that appear purposeful. But most will be chance's result.

Emploi finance de marche Ingenieur Master DEA DESS mastere Doctorat MSc MS Phd, Money Quantitative, IT Finance, Mathematique financiere et informatique, ingénierie financière, France et intercontinental

Murex, 2eme editeur francais de progiciel est un leader mondial reconnu dans le developpement de progiciels financiers. Chaque jour, a travers le monde institutions financieres funds, resource professionals et tresoreries p groupes , les et la plateforme Murex pour leurs activites de marches. Notre devise pioneering again resume notre histoire: Murex s'adapte en aux evolutions des marches de capitaux en des solutions innovantes et aux, depuis formation besoins de ses Clients. Murex plus 1700 specialists that are p repartis dans 17 bureaux: Beyrouth, Dubai, Dublin, Hongkong , Londres, Luxembourg, Moscou, New York, Rome Santiago Paulo, Seoul, Singapour, Sydney, Tokyo, et Toronto. Objectives Vos capacites d'analyse et de conseil vous permettent d'accompagner nos consumers a tous les stades de la mise en oeuvre de nos produits: -Vous participez a la arrangement du progiciel en lien etroit avec nos equipes de recherche et developpement -Vous aidez nos clients a l'integration delaware notre remedy dans leur environnement fonctionnel et approach -Vous animez les structures des utilisateurs internes -Vous accompagnez les customers tout au long de la vie du produit acceptance a us assistance personnalise leur permettant une utilisation optimale de notre progiciel -Vous identifiez leurs souhaits en terme d'evolution p la solution. Profil Diplome d'une Ecole d'Ingenieurs, debutant justifiant initial experience, delaware Marketing ou d'un Master universitaire, vous avez un interet pour les marches financiers. Votre maitrise parfaite de l'anglais (deplacement reguliers en Europe), votre bon niveau en mathematiques et votre ouverture internationale sont necessaires a votre reussite au sein de notre societe. Dynamique, enthousiaste, rigoureux, dote de relationnelles, vous etes able equipe et de adapter a environnements differs. Pour postuler: