Judge Noticed Driving Billionaireis Taken Porsche Said It Was 'confronted With Sunshine' - Telegraph

Wed 25 February 2015

The car was one of a number of luxury vehicles confiscated by police earlier this month following a court order. Local media said investigators had seized the cars because of concerns Batista had been selling or donating assets that were frozen as part of the insider trading case. When asked why he was driving the Porsche, Mr Souza told local business daily Valor Economico: "The Federal Police did not have a safe place for the car and it was exposed to sun, rain and possible damage. As I want the car to be preserved in good condition, I took it to a covered parking space [in the building where I live]." Related Articles 23 Jan 2015 "I did not take it to use, just to look after it... It is a normal situation." The cars were meant to be put up for auction on Thursday, but Batista's lawyer secured an injunction halting the sale. Batista lost almost everything as his EBX conglomerate fell apart and his flagship oil firm OGX filed for Latin America's largest bankruptcy in 2013. The business magnate, whose rise and visit homepage fall has mirrored Brazil's own fortunes, recently resigned as chairman of OGX. Prosecutors accuse Batista octa markets gold of selling 236m reais (53.3m) of OGX stock based on privileged information that its offshore oil fields would miss production forecasts. Batista denies selling the stock based on insider information, and says he was legally obliged to sell it to pay off debt. The Porsche incident is likely to give further ammunition to Batista's lawyer, Sergio Bermudes, who has been trying to get Mr Souza taken off the case. Mr Bermudes has argued that Mr Souza has a bias against Batista, pointing to comments the judge made on the first day of trial in November. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financial-crime/11433388/Judge-spotted-driving-billionaires-seized-Porsche-said-it-was-exposed-to-sun.html

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