All I Do Is Stay Here And Look Pretty

Sun 14 December 2014

[As Well As In almost no time, a hoomin walks up and scritches me on teh mind or belleh, blabbers some babytalk, and gives me several goodies. Now, is that this what or a nice gig?] (“Guantes,” by Nathalie Perez on Flickr .)

Bunday Moko Insanity!

From Your Large N: Moko The Bun loves to get around. (No surprise there.) WITH…a device in his mouf. Riiiiiight.

Bunday: Friend William Sexy McGrumplebun

I saved him after his family surrendered him at a high-eliminate housing in Memphis, TN. I also have a saved puppy called Pippin and another bunny, Nutmeg, who I rescued 7 years back.

The Quickly ‘n’ The Furry-ous 11: Rolling Thunder

Which makes them more likely to…make Small Tuxedo Guys and Dudettes. Think those iPad screen protectors will simply do this significantly, eh?

iPad + Penguins = Bebeh Penguins

Magic wants to follow his hoomin’s RC vehicle. Therefore obviously, a camera was stuck by them on it.

Caturday Buzz The Fuzz UPDATE!

… and move onto it! (Oh, I simply trust the physicians could mend the chunk scars within my favorite Flopsy!)

Take Me to Mercy General Loaded Animal Clinic, Driver!

Currently we get an update on Buzz-Meister’s progress!